Dr. Kim


Dr. Kim Ok Gwan, is a master of acupuncture and oriental medicine certified by California Oriental Medical Association and NCCAOM (The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) in the United States.

Dr. Kim has a PhD in Nutritional Counseling from La Salle University in Louisiana and Doctorate in Oriental Medicine. After studying with leading allergy expert Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad and years of practice, Dr. Kim is an experienced allergy specialist using the NAET technique. He has a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Trinity College in Indiana and is an active member of American Naturopathic Medical Association.

In addition, he uses his extensive training and knowledge of powerful complimentary therapies in diagnosing and treating a wide range of illnesses, integrating the natural healing arts with Western science. He has a special interest in children with autism, autism- related diseases, ADD, ADHD, epilepsy, and convulsions.

Dr. Kim makes the important point that health care practitioners must live what they preach. If they don’t, their lives become ineffective. “In our practice we recognize that no practitioner can take someone further than they’ve gone themselves, so we’re constantly working on ourselves.”

Dr. Kim currently practices his natural healing art in Rohrmoser, San Jose, Costa Rica. He often travels to other countries to give lectures and treat the many people who come to see him. Patients from all over the world also travel to his clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica for treatment of their serious acute and chronic health problems.