In order to take full advantage of the therapies practiced at the New Millenium Clinic it is useful to understand the concepts of ENERGY MEDICINE & QUANTUM HEALING. Underlying both of these terms is the understanding that there is an intelligent energy connecting mind, body and emotions; the flow or blockage of this energy manifests as wellness or disease and by tapping into and harmonizing that energy, healing can occur. Following is a more detailed description of these terms:


Quantum healing explores the subtle intelligence of the body at a quantum level where minute particles that are separated by immense distances of space-time know what one another are doing. The “empty space” between these particles is not empty at all, it is a rich field of silent intelligence that exerts an immense influence on the body-mind. Quantum physics states that the world of matter is a manifestation of vaster, invisible reality that is nonmaterial. Quantum healing utilizes this knowledge in the treatment of disease. For example in homeopathy, it is not a physical substance that is triggering a healing response, it is a vibrational imprint that the bodies intelligence can utilize for healing purposes. Quantum healing views the body as an interconnected, intelligent system that can be healed at the level of mind and consciousness. The energy that is created there is at the root of disease and ultimately is best treated not at the physical level but also at the level of the mind and consciousness.


The philosophy behind Energy Medicine is similar to that of Quantum Healing, but it focuses more specifically on the electrical properties of the body-mind. It has its roots in the discovery that all compounds have unique wave patterns or resonant frequencies, each item differing from others in terms of their electrical properties. This knowledge resonates with the timeless wisdom present in Classical Oriental medicine that understands the body according to the flow of Energy or Qi (pronounced Chi). Energy medicine recognizes the brain as a vast Electrical energy center that communicates information to the entire body in order to maintain its functions. When illness occurs the flow of energy between the brain and the body becomes disrupted. Energy medicine recognizes that an integral part of the healing process is to reprogram the brain at an electrical level so that chemical imbalances at a cellular level can be healed and balance restored.