Karly Siedlecki
When I came to Dr. Kim I thought I'd figured out how to live well with Autoimmune Graves Disease, but I was still extremely restricted with food and this made my ability to do things I loved to do, like travel, limited.  I was "managing" it well considering the severity with lifestyle and diet changes, but I wasn't recovered or free from it. Eating foods outside my strict diet or chemical exposure could mean a potential relapse. My biochemistry was damaged and I thought that a very strict diet would fix it. The truth is, at least for me and many, it doesn't! Thankfully when I met Dr. Kim, I learned that a strict diet can help you manage temporarily but it doesn't have to be a life sentence. Dr. Kim managed to turn my biochemistry around allowing me to eat freely, absorb nutrients, and make my immune system and body strong. My chemical and food sensitivities were also resolved!  I can't thank him enough.  This is the answer I had been waiting for, for years.  I feel free again, can help others more effectively in my wellness coaching business, and can do the things I had to give up once again. 🙂   Forever Grateful,  Karly Siedlecki 38
Padre de Eduardo Calderon
For 10 years, our 18-year-old son suffered muscle dysplasia (severe pain around the rib cage and sternum), fatigue and asthma. My wife and I had taken him to so many doctors and specialists to find a cure. All doctors prescribed various medications to relieve pain and inhalers for asthma. All this simply provided symptomatic relief but it does not cure. As a last hope, we visited Dr. Kim's office to find what we expected to be the cause of my son's problems and, most importantly, a cure. Dr. Kim discovered that my son had a severe allergy to dairy products, especially cheese and milk. In fact, my son had been consuming large amounts of milk and cheese every day, as many of the doctors recommended that he drink more milk for bone pain that was centered in the chest area. By completely eliminating dairy products and Dr. Kim's allergy elimination treatments, my son's asthma disappeared immediately and without any medication. Your energy level improved and muscle dysplasia and pain in the chest area are in remission. Thank you Dr. Kim for saving my son.
Un testimonio de una curación sorprendente
When KIKI (we will call him that, since he is now 15 years old and will understand that he has his way of thinking and acting) he was 12 years old, his Basket teacher makes us notice that he was not walking well, recommended that he be seen by a Physician and so we did . There begins the long way, first a Traumatologist sees it tells us that it seems to be Neurological, we go to a Neurologist who suddenly gives us the worst expectations for the future, we seek other opinions, 2 Neurologists more, a third opinion of a Neurologist Pediatrician , many Blood tests were done, and of everything, electromyographies, resonances, ultrasounds and everything that can be imagined, arriving at the conclusion that it was a A NEUROPATHY, of unknown origin that was affecting the correct functioning of the nerves and by that weakened the muscles, that's why he walked badly and had no strength in his legs. We spent two years of analysis of all kinds here in Peru and abroad, opinions of other doctors, they treated it with corticoids without result, the tests continued, it was thought that it was something congenital, in the end it was two years of continuous struggle to know that was. Towards rehabilitation 3 times a week, so that what was still good would continue like this. A final solution was to submit it to a treatment with a special medicine, to see if it worked and there was only waiting and see if it worked. In May of 2012, they talked to us about KIM, we investigated, we asked, people who dealt with us told us wonders and we chose to take this alternative. We sent him an email with all the information and he answered us saying that he could help. On June 18 of that year, at the age of 14 and a half years, our life changes again (just that day 17 years ago we were married), my wife and KIKI go to Costa Rica, KIKI leaves Peru with nails of the black feet for lack of irrigation and the fallen fingers, arriving that same day they meet KIM, he listens to the story again, he makes KIKI lie down on the stretcher, puts his legs together and says: "Mrs. See this", incredible had one leg almost 4 cm shorter than the other, KIM goes to his head, says he breathes hard, does something pulls him and .... , I SAW THEM THE EQUAL LEGS .... Incredible but true. That was the beginning of the improvement, he does a series of tests (tests that are incredible) and the appointment for the next day, before he told us: "You do what I say and you will see improvement". Already that day gave us exact indications of what to do, starting with what to eat and what not to eat. In the 14 days that we were in Costa Rica, you can not imagine how I improve, I take away the splint, I change the eating habits, I learned to eat healthy food, I stabilize your body, I regularize the minerals that you lacked and other things , all without a single conventional medicine. Every day he saw progress, he stepped harder, his nails became clear again, the toes that were down, to their original position, even his way of seeing things improved, even his genius changed. Today at home, we have all changed, junk foods are gone and as far as possible we try to eat everything Organic, milk and its derivatives are finished, Chau a la Carne, goodbye to sugar, although all this seems to be a lie and the way Feeding makes KIKI better and better and we too. What the DR says is true, we are what we eat and if the disease does not find in which to feed itself, it simply goes away. Since June 2012 we have not used traditional medicine, everything is Homeopathic, and they do not know how well it is going. It only remains to say thank you KIM, thank you for giving a new life to KIKI, thanks for teaching us a new way, difficult to change your habits of a lifetime, but if you see that your child improves as I improve in those days, we do not, the CHANGE It was so impressive in a few days, everything we went on this trip, we advanced more in 14 days than in two years of treatment. Today we have a family doctor in Costa Rica, he always takes care of calls with affection and with great patience. It only remains to repeat THANK YOU KIM, see you, we wait for you.
A Special Story of Healing
Dear Dr Kim: in addition to greeting you, for your files I am sending you a summary of my case and the results of the treatment carried out by you during the last 13 months with the great results by both of you. My name is José Luis Avendaño Peña, I am an Agronomist, Costa Rican, 62 years old. In December of 1992, when I was 43 years old, I suffered a cardiac infarction caused, I believe, by an inadequate diet, a very stressful job and smoked. I smoked for more than 20 years and many cigarettes a day, but in 1998 I quit smoking to this day. In 2002 I was diagnosed with Diabetes and had to start taking medication. In 2003, I acquired a farm in Rio Cuarto, which is a district of the canton of Greece, but which is in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica. There I built my house and began to live working the land in a very healthy environment, very clean air, no pollution of vehicles or crowds of people. Although my health improved, in some aspects, mainly due to physical activity, I always kept taking a large amount of medication because it was prescribed to me by the doctors who saw me every 3 months in Social Security and in some cases in private practice. For heart disease, I took two pills of Atenolol daily, one of Lovastatin and one Cardioaspirin. For diabetes, I took a daily tablet of Metformin. Although with these medications the blood pressure was maintained at 120/80 and the glycemia in a well controlled diabetic ranges with results of glycosylated hemoglobin A1c between 6 and 7, I really did not feel well and the thing worsened around June 2008 when I started some very severe allergic reactions with inflammation of the face, eyelids of the eyes, lips, hands, a strong pain in the chest, itching all over the body, difficulty breathing and lowering of pressure with cold sweat and vomiting without knowing exactly what it caused them and lasted three to four hours of the acute picture and then several days with pain in the chest and swollen hands. I went to a doctor's office with a specialist in allergies, he had my punctures with several allergens and diagnosed allergies to soybeans, tomatoes, citrus fruits, dogs, and cats. With this I added a new pill, Flurinol, which effectively reduced allergy episodes and strength, but did not cure me. At the end of 2010, on the recommendation of an eye doctor who takes care of my wife, I took an appointment and went to the consultation with Dr Kim. Since he began to do the tests and analysis that he does, he told me that I had great intoxication and that my allergic reactions were due to both the medication I was taking and the type of diet that followed. My diet was the traditional Costa Rican one: with milk with cereal, cheese that I was very fond of, meats of beef, pork, chicken and fish, eggs and some sausages from time to time, pizzas and junk food also very occasionally , few fruits and vegetables and almost no salad. He told me that my toxic level was such that I had to attend treatment weekly. So I did it for 3 or 4 times, then every 15 days and once a month until today. In the first appointment in addition to the Acupuncture treatment, the Dr totally modified my diet eliminating all the red meats and chicken and leaving only the fish, I eliminated the consumption of eggs, milk and cheese and all the dairy products. He recommended me to increase the consumption of raw vegetables, such as all the vegetables, vegetables and fruits that should make up 80% of the daily diet and the remaining 20% ​​with foods such as brown rice, beans and other legumes such as lentils and chickpeas. He also recommended me to start taking every one of all the pills I was taking, a bit. I followed their recommendations faithfully, which initially was a very drastic and difficult change especially for my wife who had to reinvent their menus eliminating the meat of all their recipes and adding spices and vegetables that over the months have become dishes of unbeatable taste without we long for the taste of the meat to which we were so accustomed. In the following appointments Dr. Kim began to treat the allergies to minerals, soy, eggs, milk and cheese, tomatoes, citrus fruits among countless other toxins that I had as a result of my diet and of so many medications that I took for so many years. Also in each appointment I was telling me to eliminate a bit more of different pills. My health began to improve quickly, I lost more than 10 kg of weight, and I began to feel more vitality and strength. Finally, to date, after 13 months of continuous treatment and medication reduction, I no longer take any of all the pills, my blood pressure stays around 130/85 which according to Dr. Kim is perfect for my age, the last results of the glycosylated hemoglobin A1c test, which I do every 3 months, already on two occasions have been 5.1, which corresponds to a normal person without diabetes, cholesterol 6 months ago was 150 and all other parameters that are analyzed in the blood test they went normal. I can only add my thanks to Dr Kim for the change in my life that has resulted from the application of his knowledge and techniques and for the enjoyment that now both my wife and I have of a life without medication or its side effects.
I am Yasmin, the daughter of Mrs. Keta who was seeing in lima who was with principles of alzahaymer, friend of Maria Pia and sister-in-law of Gianna. I hope you remember me, I write to tell you that my mom is much better, is more connected and more quiet with your anxiety x the meals, has continued to take care of your diet and I wanted to thank for that. I wanted to ask you when you are going back here xq I would like to continue the treatment and tb I wanted to ask about these pills that have recommended me nose if you know them but I prefer to consult them before they are called COGNEX (I have been told that you have TACRINA) Do you know anything about that? Thank you very much for being here and helping my mom
I am sara joaquin's mom who works in the plane and travel everywhere remembers ... Well I have not been able to answer him before, because I've had a lot of work, well I am writing to let you know that Joaquin has improved remarkably, socially, communicatively ... quite a lot. At first I did not believe much and as you told me in a month, let's talk, thank you very much for every doctor that God bless, the change is incredible I am happy, anyway I want to always keep in touch with you and hopefully! hope so!!! come back soon ... so that I can return, for me it is impossible for me to go for my work, but if as a joaquin there are thousands of people waiting for him in Peru, have a nice Christmas and a happy new year
Lic. María Elena Barboza
One year after I met him and received his treatment, I am writing these lines to thank you and God for allowing me to know you, for having given me the perseverance and the necessary faith so that you could put into practice your knowledge and experience and give me a better quality of life. Before I met him I lived, with many pains taking any number of pills daily that poisoned my body and emptied my pockets, sad and depressed for not finding relief from my ills, tired of visiting doctors who only drugged me with their recipes that did not cure, although I must admit that my pains decreased. Depression because of the situation I was living with, coupled with my age, further undermined my existence. Today, at the end of a year, in which I have not missed a single date, in which almost to the letter I followed the suggested diet; I am another human being, more cheerful detoxed of medicines because I have a year of not consuming them, with many less pains and with a great hope that I will leave soon healed, I allow myself to express my sincere gratitude for everything you have done for me. I know that I am not cured, I know that the treatment is slow, but I know that with your help and my perseverance as well as with the help of God, I will leave your clinic healed. Thank you for your dedication, thank you for your effort, thank you for having collaborated so that I could appreciate how beautiful life is.
I write my testimony so that I can help other people to trust that there is another type of medicine that is more effective, definitive and without side effects. I am a 35-year-old woman and, like many, I once a year performed a gynecological study with a specialist. Everything had always been normal, but in November 2013, the gynecologist gave me the diagnosis of a slight dysplasia in the cervix. I was very scared and to be completely sure I had a colposcopy and then a biopsy and the result confirmed the result of the pap smear and indicated that I had the human papillomavirus. According to the biopsy I had three types of the virus, the numbers I do not remember, but the gynecologist told me that two were mild and one moderately aggressive, which was the one that had caused my dysplasia. The gynecologist told me, as the other allopathic doctors say, that the virus had been transmitted sexually and that there was no way to kill him, that he would always live in me. This affected me a lot because my sex life is quite healthy and I did not expect such a diagnosis. In any case, he told me that I should undergo treatment as soon as possible because the dysplasia could go to moderate, severe and cancer in a short time, which could also take, but that was individual for each patient. The treatment was a cryosurgery, I would burn with a cold gas the injury, it would hurt, bleed, take medication and study every 6 months. He also had to pray that dysplasia would not reappear, because that could happen, in which case the treatment would be more invasive. I met Kim, thanks to a dear friend, who recommended it to me once I was very sick of my tonsils, had taken two different types of antibiotics and was still very ill, with inflammation, a lot of pain, pus, fever, etc. I already suffered from that since I was little and, seeing that it did not improve with the treatment of the doctors, I attended consultation with Kim. In three days I had nothing and to date, I have not gotten sick from the tonsils. That was 5 years ago. So I went back to Kim and took him to school. To my relief and surprise, he told me: "I can help, I kill papilloma virus ..." He explained that viruses live in acidic environments and that if there is no acidity, the virus has no way to live ... In November, after the first consultation, I completely left the meat (except the fish), the eggs, cheese, milk and sugar, I took the homeopathy that he told me, I used the bottle he gave me and I was punctual to the acupuncture. I must emphasize that this was not easy, but that comparing this with the risk of cancer helped me to have willpower ... I thought that it would not hurt me and also, I noticed how my digestion improved, my level of energy and my premenstrual symptoms in a short time. In January 2014, I visited a gynecologist-oncologist very well recommended, because the truth, I was still very scared with the risk of advancing dysplasia. This doctor did a camera study, he told me that my cervix was completely normal, well formed, that I did not have any dysplasia, he showed me pictures of cases like the one I told him and I compared them myself because I could see my own cervix and there was nothing. I showed him my studies and told him about Kim and good! As expected, he tried to give me other explanations, he does not believe that the therapy he was following would cause my improvement, but the important thing for me is that I was cured in less than two months. Since then, I've done the pap every 6 months, but nothing has come out. A week ago I did a special study and they told me that I did not have the papilloma virus and that everything was very good. As you have read, I am sure that the papilloma virus died, that I do not have it and that I am healthy thanks to the medicine that Kim practices. I am deeply grateful to him, I have no way to pay for his help and for this, and because he also has a very humane, professional and selfless treatment, I recommend his medicine with confidence. I currently live in another country and have searched everywhere for a professional like him, but I have not had any luck, so I hope that all Costa Ricans who have it so close can take advantage of it.  
Giorgio Carletto
For many years I have suffered from type C hepatitis and for 4-5 years a very painful form of peripheral neuropathy, a possible consequence of hepatitis. For many years I have suffered from type C hepatitis and for 4-5 years a very painful form of peripheral neuropathy, a possible consequence of hepatitis. I am Italian, living in Costa Rica for 23 years and I travel once or twice every year to Italy, where I do my medical check-ups and, in conjunction with the "traditional" doctors of the most prestigious private hospitals in the country, I was following a "maintenance" cure, since currently there is no cure available for these diseases. Part of this "maintenance cure" was to take a series of medications (recently were 12 tablets daily), which did not make me feel any benefit and rather, in the last consultations, I prescribed antidoloric injections and they changed some medications with others stronger, since the quality of my life was deteriorating even more. After suffering so much I went to the point of resigning myself to get to take morphine, not to walk and to spend what I have left of life, (I am 53 years old), in a bed or in a wheelchair. One day, talking with some friends, I was recommended to "provar" Dr. Kim's holistic therapy and, driven by despair, despite my distrust of so-called forms of alternative medicine, I started therapy. Following the dietetic recommendations to the letter and after a month of therapy with coupling I am another person. Already the pain has decreased a lot, I no longer take medication and my hope was returned to a normal or almost life. Despite my initial distrust, I am still amazed by the results obtained so far. The interests of pharmaceuticals and the guild have exceeded the interest in the true health of man, with the aggravation of being a party in the physical, psychological and, ultimately, economic deterioration of it. I hope in a greater dissemination of non-traditional forms of medicine in our West, in favor of the integral healing of the person, as our ancestors did and how it continues to be done in many places in the world. It will be my responsibility to send my testimony again to announce the evolution of my state of health in three months. Sincerely grateful, Giorgio Carletto. Ced. 138000055221. Tel 89170000.
Deborah, Costa Rica
The first day I stepped into Dr. Kim’s clinic I could barely walk or hold something steady in my hand. All movable parts of my body were damaged, even eating was a hard job because my jaw was in pain. With two acupuncture and mercury allergy treatments a week with Dr. Kim and eliminating a few foods that made the swelling worst I started to feel the difference. Soon I started using pain killers less often until I eliminated them completely. Less than tree months have passed and I feel like a new person. I am back to dancing, going out with friends and driving without pain. I have been given a new opportunity to live thanks to oriental medicine and Dr. Kim’s methods
Margaret, USA
Dear Friends, I am on a journey to improve my health. I have good news, and I thank alternative medicine. After years of thyroid medication, I slowly got off it as I commenced taking herbs and using acupuncture, and now my thyroid tests normal. My blood tests are normal, and my cholesterol levels are good. Menopause is not a nightmare for me. Imbalances were overcome with herbs and acupuncture. I eat plenty of vegetables, fruit and fish. I avoid alcohol and sugar. I do alkaline/acidic rebalancing. I am learning what my body needs. I count my blessings for finding the right alternative medicine doctors to help me. Dr. Kim was one my main supports. To your health
It is amazing how we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are living a healthy lifestyle, when we are so far from it. I am a 48-year-old woman. I have 4 children, ages 15 to 23, and a young granddaughter. I grew up in a household that served wheat bread, fantastic salads and lots of meats. My father was a hunter and fisherman. He was also a successful, extremely conservative, executive businessman. He died in 1989 from cancer. On 8 February 2007, I went to see my doctor, whom I had been seeing regularly for over a year. Dr. Kim is a MD, but is also an acupuncturist and holistic practitioner, practicing in Costa Rica where I live. He is truly a healer and one of the most knowledgeable alternative practitioners I have come across.I had not been feeling well for quite awhile. I had low energy, felt achy and was short of breath. I had high blood pressure and was overweight. Back in January of 2002 I was diagnosed with thyroid tumors, after a severe hemorrhage, and had spent the last 5 years trying to stabilize my metabolism. Nothing seemed to work. I am opposed to pharmaceuticals, but tried them anyway and experienced terrible side effects. I was gaining about 10 pounds yearly and was not very happy. I thought I ate healthy. I ate vegetables and mostly organic foods, when possible. But, I did eat animal products, particularly cheese and eggs. I had been vegetarian for years in my past and even was vegan for a year, many years ago, but with 4 kids, a hotel and way too busy and stressful a life, I took the easy way out and ate whatever I cooked for my kids. It bothered me, but I was too lazy to deal with it. Dr. Kim said, on that fateful day in February, “Lets take a look at your blood cells.” He took blood from both my husband and I and we spend considerable time looking at books and charts to understand what we would be looking at. My husband’s blood cells were textbook perfectly formed. He is thin and has a good metabolism. As soon as my while blood cells were up on the screen, I knew I was in trouble. I did not have a normal cell in my body. They were irregularly shaped and there were clumps of fats (ie. Clots) in my blood. The red cells were even worse looking. I almost held my breath, waiting for Dr. Kim to tell me what I was seeing. After a few moments of silence, he said, “Wendy, if you do not make some huge changes in your life, you will die. You are in trouble. Are you willing to make changes?” “Just tell me what I need to do and I will do it,” I told my doctor. All I could think about was my unborn grandchild that I would never get to know. Dr. Kim said, “Your body can not metabolize animal products. Your thyroid problem keeps you from digesting these types of foods and you can no longer eat them, ever again. First, eat no more animal products, except occasionally fish. No meat, no cheese, no dairy of any kind, no eggs, nothing. Second, walk one hour every day. Third, cleanse the liver regularly. Fourth, take Vitamin E. If you do these things, in 90 days I will look again at your blood and we will see from there. You also have systemic stress in your body and need to de-stress your life.” I told Dr. Kim that I would do this and I walked out of his office. My life was now different. The study of Buddhism for many years has kept me from fearing leaving this body. But the end was right in my face. I knew that I was not done raising my kids and learning what I needed to learn in this life. I was not ready to transition. I was ready to get healthy. My husband and I love to cook. We both are quite good cooks and have a large repertoire of recipes. Many of these are meatless. But, few were vegan. I had to relearn some of the recipes I used to prepare in my early 20’s. I had to change my way of thinking, shopping for food, eating, living and relating. I had to stop focusing on everyone and everything and focus on my health. From 8 February 2007 I have never eaten another bite of meat. I ate fish a little bit, but decided that I did not want to eat any living being. I have not touched dairy products. I have walked on the beach or done some other type of exercise for one hour daily. I have had weekly acupuncture, helping me deal with stress. I have meditated and worked on deep breathing. I have re-evaluated everything in my life and have eliminated people, places and things that cause undue stress. On 14 March I went back to see Dr. Kim and have my blood work done again. Dr. Kim almost did not recognize me. His office is about 4.5 hours from my home, so I had not seen him for over 3 months. He smiled so big when he realized who I was. “Wow,” he said. I am not someone who weighs myself, but I knew I had lost 40-50 pounds. I was at that point, walking on the beach in a bikini – which I had not worn for 25 years. My local acupuncturist told me to get sun on my abdomen to help with my weight loss. I listened and it was helping. I cut my hair very short. People kept telling me how young I looked. Dr. Kim said, “You have lost 15 years. My blood was beautiful. It was so clean that I wept tears of happiness. “You are healthy,” declared Dr. Kim. But, you must keep doing what you are doing if you want to stay that way. I did not need to learn this lesson twice. I am now vegan. I am now healthy. I am now not ashamed of my appearance. I feel good about my self, my choices, my lifestyle and my health. I have no more guilt. I am so grateful to those that have helped me on this path. Ashley Smith and Dan Piraro, devout vegans and animal activists, were guests at our lodging establishment when I was diagnosed. They gave me so many tips and so much support. I saw how healthy there were and wanted to have that. They were excellent examples of how to eat right. Some fantastic Vegan cookbooks have made cooking super easy, “Vegan with a Vengeance,” “La Dolce Vegan,” “Vegan Planet” have all been fantastic. And, most likely due to the law of attraction, we are attracting vegan guests who are inspirational as well. My husband is moving further and further in my direction and my kids enjoy the vegan meals. Life is a blessing. The day of 8 February will remain a memorable day for the rest of my life. It is the day my doctor told me I would die, unless I drastically changed my life. I walked out of his office and my life has never been and will never be the same. I no longer eat dairy products. I no longer eat meat of any kind. I eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains only. I walk on the beach (how lucky I am to live where I live) or do some other type of exercise at least an hour daily. On 14 May, I returned to my doctor to review where I am now. I have had exceptional changes. I am no longer at risk for a heart attack or stroke. My cholesterol is normal. My blood pressure is normal. I am no longer overweight. My thyroid is functioning. My metabolism is normal. My liver is clean. I feel better than I have for years. My doctor said I have lost at least 15 years. He is right. Even my arthritis is much better. I will be a case study in my doctor’s new book on taking control of your health! I feel so lucky to have had the diagnosis that I did on 8 February. That day will become a day of celebration… the day I took back my life. Thanks to all that have encouraged me. Thanks to my husband and kids for being so supportive, and willing to eat vegan meals along side me. I do realize that the typical “American” diet is killing the populace. The food pyramid is a reflection of corporate America, and who has the most lobbyists. Please consider eating more organic vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Leave the animal products behind and you too can loose years and regain health. it is amazing how good the food I prepare tastes. I do not enjoy eating out very often, as I can plainly see how much garbage provides window dressing to fattening, inordinately large platters. I won’t even go into how awful factory farms are to the animals.
Father of Eduardo Calderon
For 10 years, our 18 year old son had been suffering from muscular dysplasia (serious pain around the ribcage and sternum), fatigue and asthma. My wife and I had taken him to so many doctors and specialists to find a cure. All the doctors prescribed various medications for pain relief and inhalers for the asthma. All of this simply provided symptomatic relief but no cure. As a last hope, we visited Dr. Kim’s office to find what we hoped would be the cause of my son’s problems and more important, a cure. Dr. Kim found that my son had a serious allergy to dairy products, especially cheese and milk. As a matter of fact, my son had been consuming large amounts of milk and cheese every day since many of the doctors recommended that he drink more milk for the bone pain that was centered in his chest area. By eliminating the dairy products totally, and with Dr. Kim’s allergy elimination treatments, my son’s asthma disappeared immediately and without any medication. His energy level improved and the muscular dysplacia and pain in the chest area are in remission. Thank you Dr. Kim for saving my son.
Miracle Children of Peru
Dr. Kim was invited and traveled to Peru for his first healing mission in March of 2008. His stories and photographs of cures and miracles will amaze and inspire you. Below: After Dr. Kim returned from his successful healing visit to Peru, he welcomed another five children at his clinic for treatment. He has now changed the lives of over 40 children both in Peru and at his San Jose, Costa Rica clinic. Families continue to make the long trip north to have Dr. Kim treat their children. The results are nothing short of miraculous.    
A Story of Curing Asperger’s
Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome – a part of the autism spectrum which negatively affects social development in children. Please click on the text to access Kathy’s website: Triumph Over Asperger’s! www.triumphoveraspergers.com